Community manager

You will coordinate and support the students of international cohorts.

Practicum by Yandex is an online educational platform. We help people who want to change their lives to jumpstart new careers in tech. Our team includes dozens of specialists from various fields, all working together to produce quality educational content. Practicum courses incorporate professional knowledge that you won't find in any textbook, and finally bridges the gap between short-term MOOCs and full-time bootcamps.

We offer intensive online courses in data analytics, data science and web development. We believe that with dedication, perseverance, and support, anyone can master the skills required to enter these fields, and we're here to make it happen.

We are looking to hire a community manager who will coordinate and support the students of international cohorts (mainly from the USA) throughout the learning process.

Sasha Bardina
Guidance Lead

We expect that you have:
We offer:
→ Working hours: 22:00 - 02:00 & 13:00 - 17:00 Moscow time (40 hours per week).

→ Remote, full-time work.

→ Cross-cultural work experience.

→ The opportunity to help hundreds of people accomplish their learning goals.

→ The opportunity to grow professionally and take on new career endeavors.

→ The opportunity to be a part of the young international professional team.

→ International work experience as a coordinator of educational programs, community manager, user support or similar.

→ Advanced/Native in English (written and spoken).

→ Interested in the tech industry and ready to dive into it.

→ You are sociable, enjoy communication and like helping people.

→ You are organized, attentive to details and proactive.

→ You are familiar with Excel spreadsheets, Notion, Slack (or similar tools) and not afraid to work with numbers and understand when the automation pipelines can ease your life.

→ You are able to work full-time.

As a community manager, you will:
→ Communicate with students on Slack.
→ Oral communication with students, consultations and exit interviews.
→ Create & implement ideas for student community development.
→ Write posts, collaborate with localization dept and design dept.
→ Organize events (webinars, live-coding sessions, quizzes, online meetings with speakers & bloggers, etc.), hold events (onboarding, graduation party).
→ Keep track of student activity, motivation, awareness about events and interactions with the Practicum team.
→ Collect data for analytics.
→ Get feedback on the students' results.
→ Influence the educational experience through caring about the community, use the analytical approach in cross-functional experiments, and proactive interaction and cooperation with the team.
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